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Recycling takes little effort on your part,
but makes a BIG DIFFERENCE to the world 

Make a difference


Recycling plays an important role in helping to reduce waste generation and giving materials a second lease of life. It also helps to conserve natural resources, reducing the need for mining, deforestation etc. However, recycling right is crucial in ensuring that recyclables are not contaminated, and that the efforts of others are not wasted (SustainableSG, 2022).


In Singapore, the domestic recycling rate in 2022 fell to 12% – the lowest in more than a decade – because less paper, cardboard, textile and leather were exported for recycling (NEA, 2023).

Collectively, we can play a part in conserving our resources and energy, as well as protect our environment. 

Importance of Recycling

Importance of Recycling

1. Protects ecosystem and wildlife

2. Reduces carbon emissions

3. Saves energy

4. Reduces the need to harvest new materials

5. Conserves our natural resources

Ways to redue, reuse, recycle

Bring reusable bag for grocery shopping

Repurpose tissue box

Say NO to disposable straws

Repurpose toilet roll

Choose paper over
plastic whenever possible

Carry a
reusable bottle

Use lesser papers, save the trees

Donate whenever possible

Ways to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Where to Recycle

40% of what we place inside the blue recycling bins are not suitable for recycling. 

That's because these items are either contaminated with food and liquids, or made of materials that can't be recycled at all. 

Be sure to clean, dry, and remove all labels before recycling them!

There are more than 8000 recycling bins in residential estates all over Singapore! They are nearer than you know!

Click here to find out where they are!

Where to Recycle

Plastic Recycling Symbols

Polyethylene terephthalate

High-Density Polyethylene

Low-Density Polyethylene


Shampoo / body wash bottles
Detergent bottles/ jugs 
Plastic milk jugs

Plastic bottles

Plastic bags used in grocery stores
Cling film
Bread bags

Ziplock bags

Plastic Recycling Symbols

Recycle with PurSoft!

Repurpose toilet roll to cable organiser

Use bathroom roll's plasic as trash bag

Use Facial Box to store items

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